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Original Artworks


Stephs original works have been extremely rare... Especially after her accident in 2019 where she destroyed her right thumb and couldn't hold a paintbrush for long periods of time! 

Now, things are improving but she is still really busy with making and travelling and selling, so getting your hands on one of her originals is still pretty lucky. 

Currently there are no originals for sale (the images are just examples of previous works). Subscribers will get the first opportunity to purchase, but if no takers within a week they are posted here. 


Steph only ever produces ONE of each original (excludes prints of that piece). They are usually experimental in mixed media, combining various painting techniques with detailed brushwork. Stephs work usually has a kiwiana theme, but she literally goes where her heart takes her at the time. She has painted in many expressions, from colourful lovebirds to gloomy representations evoking emotion in every piece. 


We don't put stupid prices on the originals just because it's 'art', which means they sell pretty quick, normally at the first event they are displayed at! So if you do find something you like, don't hesitate to make it yours! All prices are calculated by the amount of time spent on the piece so can range quite a bit. 


If you would like a VIP viewing and opportunity to purchase an original before it goes to an event or becomes available on the website, then please subscribe at the bottom of the homepage and we will send details of the originals as they become available.