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Kiwiana Art Noughts & Crosses Game - 3 Sets Available

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This cute little game (also known as Tic Tac Toe) is handcrafted in New Zealand using Stephs unique designs.


  • Beautifully presented eco giftbox containing board, 10  wooden discs (5 of each design), drawstring bag and instructions. 
  • Perfect for travel as the board rolls up & includes a drawstring bag to keep everything together!
  • Lightweight and non-fragile so easy to post for that special gift!
  • Available in 3 different sets: Tui & Kingfisher, Tui & Fantail or Fantail & Kingfisher
  •  SIZE: Box: 12.5cm x 6cm, Paper board: 12cm x 12cm, Discs: 38mm diameter
Sets available
Tui & Piwakakwaka (Fantail) 
Piwakawaka & Kotare (Kingfisher)
Kotare & Tui